Wednesday, September 29, 2010

love is hard

It's not that I expected this to be easy...I did not expected to be loved in return or to even find it easy to love the boys that were waiting for us when we came to Pennsylvania.

But with the arrival of two boys that are brand new to the program, the hubbs and I see that there is hope for boys here to like us...the ones that were here before we came are just so jaded...and's hard to even believe we can get any where good from here.

Alas, when I am at my breaking point, I am reminded of this song by a friend...Love is Hard...if love was easier, we would have world peace.  And if love is easy for you, you have either found a wonderful person who loves you back completely...or maybe you need to examine what you think love really is.

Thank you all for your prayers and love.  We are looking for God to take over and use us despite our limits.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. I think of you and Jon often in your "new life" and am keeping you and the boys in my prayers. :) I hope school is going good for you.


  2. I'm reminded of Jesus' words: "In this world you will have trouble...but just remember...I've already overcome the world." (my paraphrase)...
    love you, praying for you,

  3. What a great reminder! (and I like the paraphrasing) :) Emily, you have an awesome mom!

    (In case my mom sees this, that was nothing negative toward her... simply a statement alone from all other assumptions. My mom is also awesome. lol)

  4. hahahaha she is...both of our moms :)