Friday, July 30, 2010


{This is yesterday's "God Sighting"}

Our church has been doing Group's High Seas Adventure VBS program...and honestly, this is the best VBS I have ever been to or participated in.  As an adult, it is even encouraging to my spiritual journey and teaching me are just some highlights from last night:

-getting to talk to a 3rd grade girl about how horrible the cross was for Jesus, but how He still chose to die for her...watching her process the severity of it all...and the wonder of it all was a precious gift

-during one of the centers, there is a time where kids write down their "God Sightings" and stick them on the "Journey of Life" map...I hadn't really looked at the all the detail...until last night when the center leader walked the kids through where they were...we had traveled through the Sea of Sadness, Mountains of Homework, New School, Laughing Point, and the Island of Loneliness....then we went through the Wave of Goodbye...Fishing for Friends...Deep Blue Blessings...and those three things really hit my heart...I thought about crying, they were so meaningful to me....getting ready to go through the Wave of Goodbye in two weeks...and having to Fish for Friends in Pennsylvania...and I know God will lead us through Deep Blue was sooooooooooooo good

-it also has been great to just get to know the kids, watching them enjoy their time at our church AND watching the people of our church come together and give of their time and talents to make this the best VBS ever has been AMAZING...and so encouraging...exactly what my heart needed yesterday...and this entire week

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doodly love

So it's come down to this...moving in three weeks...putting together the auction for our special event at work...starting school in three weeks...moving into a group home in three weeks... and trying to focus

Although there is so much to do {which is why I have not really been able to post very often} God has given me a blessing of letting me see so many little wonderful things that happen each I'm going to try to blog everyday until I move...a small post...just to share with you all those things I see.

Today, I saw Him in my new friend Amy Morgan {who writes these wonderful journals you muuuuussst check out}  Amy is one of those people who can read you from the second she meets you...and then, she will meet you where you are...not just expect you to get over yourself and get to know her.  So in our short time together sharing the same corridor at work, she has figured out how I receive and acknowledgement...we went to Mardels over our lunch break and I showed her this lovely green "GRACE" that I would like to have for the new Newlin Nest in Pennsylvania...and the next thing I know...she is buying it for me...along with my lunch...and all I can think now is "siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh...she loves me..."

Thank you, SMorgan, for your beautiful heart and spirit...and for allowing God to work through you even when you are having a bad day.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Friday, July 2, 2010


Yesterday began my birthday month!  Yes, that's right...having a summer birthday was always sad as a kid because my friends were out of town/on vacation when my day rolled my parents let me have the whole month to celebrate, ie make my b-day an excuse to do something fun with the I still do it today...the hubbs is being a trooper...I think he will find that just wishing me a "Happy Birthday Month" everyday is just what I need :)

Speaking love into my life is as easy as a couple of words...I got this message on Facebook this morning...

{Hey! How have you been lately? I know I just saw you on wed. but yet it seems like its been FOREVER! :) Anyhow, I feel like I should let you know something.. you ruined my life. Now, before you get upset let me expound upon this idea. Shane Claibore says that Jesus ruined his life.. well you kinda did the same for me.. in a beautiful, wonderful, lovely way though. Emily, you introduced me to ideas, revelations, and facts that I have never even thought of. And, because of the spark that you've ignited in me I've learned more, so much more that my parents call me a "liberal-idealist-Jesus-hippie". God spoke through you to speak truth, life and love into my. You've helped me figure out stuff in my life and I will always be grateful.}

Letting someone know how much you appreciate them can make a bigger difference than buying them a car...or giving them $100...because it lets that person know that they are fulfilling their purpose on this earth...and that they are loved for it...

Do you have someone that has made a difference in your life lately?...a quick note could make their life.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth