Tuesday, May 31, 2011

one from the archives

Cousins are the best...my life would not be as great without so many of them.
Tori, my sister + me and the best toy ever...the Cozy Coupe!
Cousin pile up in the hammock!
Thanks Sister for digging these treasures up to share!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Monday, May 30, 2011

tis the season to have babies

and to buy baby gifts! Here are a few of other designs I have done in the "Booties + Hat Combo" realm

$30 for a hat + booties set and $25 for a headband + booties set. Email or comment if you are interested! I love finding new color combos, so let me know if you have an idea!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Sunday, May 22, 2011

we are going to Africa!

the whole continent!
no, not really...Rwanda!
I will be working with Azizi Life for 4 to 6 months to finish my coursework for my MA in International Development from Eastern University. We leave in early August 2011.
Although I don't think I can know 100% what I will be doing with Azizi Life, I do know that my work will revolve around marketing, product design and development. The hubbs, at this time, does not have a job there...he may just take the time to build relationships and play sports with children at nearby orphanages...or he may work on developing a discipleship curriculum for the artisans of Azizi Life...we'll see!

We are planning on sending out prayer cards in July...so keep your eyes peeled...or if you are really lucky, we will give it to you in person! If you would like a prayer card and don't think I have your address....email it to me or leave it in the comments.

We also would appreciate your prayers starting now for our adventure. We know that our support system is amazing, so prayers really matter! So the biggest request we have now is that God will order our finances and financial obligations so that we may leave here in August knowing that it is all sorted out. I'm not totally sure what this looks like right now, but we know God will take care of it all...He always does!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Friday, May 20, 2011

i love the underdog

so I usually hold up my Texas heritage loud and proud to all my Okie friends...but I am changing my tune for a little while - that is until the OKC Thunder win the 2011 NBA Playoffs...can I get a "what what"??!!??
James Harden is Tha Playa
So how can I forsake my beloved Texas for this group of Oklahoman misfits? After searching my soul, I decided it's because I love the underdog. 

It really makes sense...I mean, I'm getting my MA in International Development. I am moving to Rwanda for 4-6 months. I live in a crazy group home with 6 teenaged underdogs. I believe in people. I want to see this world turned upside down...I want to see God's Kingdom come to THIS EARTH! 

God loves the underdog...so should we. {and no, I'm not talking about the Thunder...but feel free to cheer them on vs. the Mavs!}

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Monday, May 16, 2011

to have and to hold {2 years and going stronger than ever}

{...and I think I would say stronger than we ever have been...together or individually...in our entire life}
Two years ago today, the hubbs and I said vows to support and love each other for the rest of our lives. I'm going to go ahead and say that we've truly put that to the test this year living in our group home in PA. My husband respects me and keeps his promises...that is what I have learned this year (among many, many, many other things)
Another thing that has come out of this year is some amazing support from everyone pictured above. I am so thankful that everyone of them were there on our day, to witness and also commit to love and support us too (in a way). Thanks peeps...we love and miss every single one of you (and your spouses, too)
So, here's to many more, my wonderful Jonerton 

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Saturday, May 7, 2011

i miss my mommy

but she is with me everyday...

I wrote as my Facebook status today that my mom is with me everyday - in the choices I make, the thoughtfulness and love I show to others, the creativity that I express myself with, the loyalty and support I show my husband, and the devotion I seek My Father with daily...all of this I learned from her.

Its so true...and I can add even more - in the small but beautiful things, anything red, a good book, the songs that give me chill bumps, anytime I cut something out from plastic lamination, anytime I laugh so hard I think I might pee my pants, whenever I see a red phone booth, when I think about the beach, when I finish a crochet project, when something happens and I know it was God, when I think about home, oh and anytime I see hearts...my mom is with me.

Mom, you have shared so much of yourself with me (and Amy) that is hard to go one day without thinking of you. It makes my heart long to be closer, but you also taught me how to follow God's calling and to trust...which leads me all over the country (and soon to be the world). When you say you are proud of me, my heart is pleased. Thank you for always letting me know that you are proud of me and for loving me just the way I am. You have never told me to change anything...and I think this is why I am so free...free to be me and know the Lord with all of my heart.

I love you Mom,

Friday, May 6, 2011

some AR-kansas love

Soon, the hubbs and I will be on a plane to the land of ar and kansas...it will be our first and only vacation away from our crazy house...and here is the to do list of what we will do while we are there {for your itching curiosity}:
the arkansas to do list:
  • love on and be loved on by the Newlins...alllll of them
  • sleep
  • crochet presents galore
  • release the hubbs to bachelor it up with Darron and company
  • see London + Darron get hitched
  • rehearse London + Darron getting hitched
  • mother's day + Papa Newlin's birthday celebration
  • celebrate the hubbs + my 2 year wedding anniversary
  • sleep some more
  • shower Rae + Baby Rae J. with baby girl gifts
  • and maybe I can squeeze in another mani + pedi with Rae or Mama Newlin
just a little excited that it is not as crazy as my OK to do list :) We are so looking forward to celebrating so much love and life during our trip!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the best trip ever

Time and time again while I was in Oklahoma this past week I was reminded of words I spoke the last time I was in the state: "Once I move away, I am never coming back." But I guess I didn't think about "the who" I would want to come back to see when I made that statement. I had a wonderful time...and I conquered my to-do list:
  • Hug + kiss my beautiful cousins, Tori + Allie (and maybe even my soon to be cousin-in-law, Thomas)
  • Sonic, Sonic and Sonic
  • Visit my HeartLine Family
  • Meet Evan Nutter
  • Bachelorette party it up with Garrisinni + friends
  • See my Amy + Ruben marry
  • Morning coffee + cupcakes with Kasa + Shayla
  • Shop at Daisy Exchange
  • Spend the night with Tyler + Roxie...well, not with them...but at their house
  • Drop off my ring at B.C. Clark
  • Watch the Royal Wedding with Sarah
  • Hair cut at Allure Salon in MWC {got a pedi and mani instead}
  • Go to church at CCN
  • Be tackled + tackle my CCN girls
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Sunday afternoon games with Ben + Tabatha...and their two bebes
  • Miss the hubbs the entire time
*And any extra time will be filled with quality Tori, Allie, Sarah and Kasa time.

I also got to see Aunt Deb and get fitted for Tori's wedding in July...pretty productive I would say...and crazy busy.

Seeing my lovelies in OKC was so refreshing. Amy and Ruben's rehearsal dinner was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Countless people stood before their wedding party and testified to the love of God that had brought Amy and Ruben together and of all of the ways that God has protected them and their relationship. I felt so proud of Amy, so proud.
I also enjoyed some time with Kelly Nutter the 1st on our traditional cupcake venture...they {Gigi's Cupcakes} had special cupcakes for the royal wedding :)
And then there was time with the fam....Allie and I used to take better "model" pictures together...
and Thomas and Tori discover the joys of getting married while getting ready for engagement pictures...
Sarah was my +1 for all things wedding...and I love her even more for it
These pictures are not a true reflection of all the love received/given from/to my OK peeps. The hubbs and I don't really realize what we are missing, not being in OK...maybe it is an option to move back to after all.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth