Wednesday, November 21, 2012

give thanks

I can't even believe that this time last year, the hubbs and I were in Africa missing home. I. just. can't. We didn't have a home to decorate for Christmas...we were wanderers waiting to get back to the States and live with our families for a couple of weeks.

I am so thankful that we have had the joy of experiencing the Fall this year, as well as our culture's shift to the Christmas season. I know that it all can get pretty materialistic...but the holidays are so special to me. I am so happy I get to celebrate ALL of them with family this year!
Our church's Thanksgiving Potluck, the hubbs' birthday cake and my sissy...
ALL on the same day!
So, the hubbs and I are giving much thanks this year to God. We have a wonderful church family, a beautiful home, and I have the perfect job and work family. He has provided our daily bread in every way...we are blessed with ordinary, stable lives...and that in itself is extraordinary. My heart is full.
Our home all decroated for the most wonderful time of the year!
I found this adorable sign here, along with many more printables to go with the theme! And it's FREE!
Stopping to be thankful with co workers and students
For the "So thankful for..." cards, I printed them from here...I plan to use them in a Christmas craft, stay tuned for that one!

May your Thanksgiving Day, no matter where you are spending it, be spent with a grateful heart and joy!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth