Wednesday, April 21, 2010

you can count on it...

Nothing speaks love into my life more than having people I can depend are just a few:

-The one can make me laugh matter the mood
-My parents...the love seeps out of them...and I know that no matter what happened, they would be there for me
-The sis...she loves me...and at the times I need to know it most, she tells me
-The Shnookems...bff since bwot
-My La Villita sisters...I long for you all everyday since August 5, 2008
-My wittle Sarah...such a dependable friend...and always shows support including my husband's...the strongest support anyone could wish for
-Co-workers...that's right...they are many times can one say that? :)
-Kasa Bonita...since starting her new photography business, she has never left me hanging with any photography need :)
-Old friends...they are there for me when I need someone...even if we don't talk everyday or even see each other for 4 years

Topping the list...God...who I feel everyday...right beside me...speaking love and strength into my everyday...

Thank you to everyone mentioned make my life wonderful and beautiful

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

Friday, April 2, 2010

oh the wonderful blood of Jesus

I guess I should have just saved yesterday's post for today :)

Foreman did a small show in Tyler, TX...the only time anything cool has happened within 1.5 hours of my hometown in the last 25 years, and I wasn't sad :)

The wonderful blood of Jesus:

Oh sweet Savior...You have given more than I could ever have thought up on my small human brain is so limited and Your endless love and grace stretches it constantly...sometimes so much it hurts...thank You for breaking me out of who the world wants me to be and for revealing Yourself to me in new ways every day. Thank You for giving me the ability to see Your beauty in the small things and Your love in the difficult times. Thank You for placing every single person around me in my life and for trusting me to be a vessel of Your Love in their life.

Thank You for dying for me...for forsaking Yourself for others...for allowing Your blood to be spilled out...for permitting human injustice to bring about God's Justice...something we will never understand without You.

It is a Good Friday, but I believe it couldn't have been that "good" the Friday You died...the Friday that your closest friends gave up hope...thank You for being faithful, even though we are not. Thank You for Your Grace that we will never grasp entirely.

I love You with all my small human heart...please use me to show others how much You love them.

Your lovesick follower,
Emily Elizabeth

Thursday, April 1, 2010

listen to love

While I was in Chicago, my roommies and I discovered Jon Foreman.  Not Switchfoot...Jon Foreman EPs...

Mission Year isn't always the easiest commitment (see, but Jon carried us through some pretty life changing times.  And I think what we love most about his music is that he helped us reflect on what was going on around us and what was going on inside of us.
Or get a mix of all of them with Limbs and Branches.

I had the chance to meet Jon a little over a year after I finished Mission Year...I thanked him for being so transparent and for taking the time to make his personal work available to us...and for letting God use him in our year of service.

But again, I say...Thank you Jon Foreman, for encouraging us to love and be world changers!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth