Wednesday, April 21, 2010

you can count on it...

Nothing speaks love into my life more than having people I can depend are just a few:

-The one can make me laugh matter the mood
-My parents...the love seeps out of them...and I know that no matter what happened, they would be there for me
-The sis...she loves me...and at the times I need to know it most, she tells me
-The Shnookems...bff since bwot
-My La Villita sisters...I long for you all everyday since August 5, 2008
-My wittle Sarah...such a dependable friend...and always shows support including my husband's...the strongest support anyone could wish for
-Co-workers...that's right...they are many times can one say that? :)
-Kasa Bonita...since starting her new photography business, she has never left me hanging with any photography need :)
-Old friends...they are there for me when I need someone...even if we don't talk everyday or even see each other for 4 years

Topping the list...God...who I feel everyday...right beside me...speaking love and strength into my everyday...

Thank you to everyone mentioned make my life wonderful and beautiful

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. Miss Em,
    You one of the most wonderful and beautiful aspects of my life. Thank you.

  2. Its my pleasure to attend to all your photography needs :)