Friday, May 20, 2011

i love the underdog

so I usually hold up my Texas heritage loud and proud to all my Okie friends...but I am changing my tune for a little while - that is until the OKC Thunder win the 2011 NBA Playoffs...can I get a "what what"??!!??
James Harden is Tha Playa
So how can I forsake my beloved Texas for this group of Oklahoman misfits? After searching my soul, I decided it's because I love the underdog. 

It really makes sense...I mean, I'm getting my MA in International Development. I am moving to Rwanda for 4-6 months. I live in a crazy group home with 6 teenaged underdogs. I believe in people. I want to see this world turned upside down...I want to see God's Kingdom come to THIS EARTH! 

God loves the should we. {and no, I'm not talking about the Thunder...but feel free to cheer them on vs. the Mavs!}

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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  1. The homeless, orphans, widows, prisoners, and the children....