Sunday, May 22, 2011

we are going to Africa!

the whole continent!
no, not really...Rwanda!
I will be working with Azizi Life for 4 to 6 months to finish my coursework for my MA in International Development from Eastern University. We leave in early August 2011.
Although I don't think I can know 100% what I will be doing with Azizi Life, I do know that my work will revolve around marketing, product design and development. The hubbs, at this time, does not have a job there...he may just take the time to build relationships and play sports with children at nearby orphanages...or he may work on developing a discipleship curriculum for the artisans of Azizi Life...we'll see!

We are planning on sending out prayer cards in keep your eyes peeled...or if you are really lucky, we will give it to you in person! If you would like a prayer card and don't think I have your it to me or leave it in the comments.

We also would appreciate your prayers starting now for our adventure. We know that our support system is amazing, so prayers really matter! So the biggest request we have now is that God will order our finances and financial obligations so that we may leave here in August knowing that it is all sorted out. I'm not totally sure what this looks like right now, but we know God will take care of it all...He always does!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. like. like. like! i would live a prayer card pls :)

  2. Godspeed,my little sweetness... God has had his eye you since before forever...he will take good care of you and jon! Mom