Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grad School

why am I here?

to be a scholar?  umm no

to work in a Third World country for the rest of my life?  probably not

to just get a Master's Degree in something that sounded interesting ao I can get paid more one day?  nope

so why?

I am at Eastern University getting my Master's in International Development so I can know what my actions and my country's actions are doing to the rest of the world...and to know how I can help those that are doing good do more.

So, no Prof., I will not be getting an "A" on this paper...but I will be getting my mind blown by all this crazy information about development, leadership and theology...and I will be telling everyone I know about everything I learn {especially the hubbs}

So thanks Profs for being so awesome!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. LOVE this post.
    We should ask ourselves that question more often...why are we doing this?! Thanks for bringing in some perspective into my life :0)

  2. Speaking as a prof, I think an A isn't the goal, but having your mind blown is.

    Love you Miss Em. Even if you don't like OU.

  3. thanks Unlce one likes OU unless then went there

    love you too!

  4. I Love You! :) ...That is all!