Friday, September 10, 2010

Half the Sky

One of the women in my cohort talked about this book during class discussion this week.  I went to the library that day to check it out...and it was it must have been as good as she said it was, right?

So I went home and ordered it from it in the mail yesterday...and I don't want to put it down.  How have I never heard of this book before...and it's not like I don't listen to NPR...I must have been jamming to Air 1 when they interviewed Kristof and WuDunn about their marvelous work!
Women are beautiful, I think everyone can agree to that.  Half the Sky unveils the horrors that women undergo around the world...even in America.  But unlike so much information that we get today, this book not only makes you aware of the pain and despair, it also makes you aware of the organizations that are helping women overcome their disparities.

This book has helped me to hone in my passion for women and children in the informal sector (sweatshops, brothels, etc.) in the world.  God has given me a vision...but that is for another post :)

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. what a cliffhanger! i wanted to read about your vision :) i guess i'll just have to keep checking back!

  2. I love that you have a vision for this!! :)

  3. just checked it out from the the library ^.^
    i will share my thoughts after i read it ;0)

  4. you will NOT be able to put it down