Monday, August 30, 2010

The Oakes

I was looking through some one's pics of Southern Nazarene University's {my undergrad Alma Mater} freshman move in and orientation day pictures and found this beautiful one of my auntie Deb, uncle Stan and mini-me-cousin Allie {who is a freshman at SNU this year}

The Oakes have been such a big part of my life.  I enjoyed a week or more at their home in Houston every summer that I spent at home...including while I was in college.  Debbi taught me how to sew and has poured many a life lesson into my heart about life...and has always been someone that I knew I could come to with just about anything.  She is the aunt who helped me with my wedding...they all had a part in a way, but she was hands God for you, auntie Debbi

Stan always has mustard and Cherry Coke ready for me when I visit...and is very dependable when it comes to texts wishing you a happy holiday.  He speaks love through candy...what more could one want from an uncle?

Tori was one of my bridesmaids and will always be one of my best friends...watching her grow into a beautiful woman of God is one of the most precious parts of our relationship...our shared love for Texas, Buddha's doodle and the ridiculous keep our love alive, even if we have not talked in a while.  Her birthday gifts and care packages are much anticipated :)
Allie, last but def not least {for we all know that their evil dog, Josie, is last AND least} is a girl after my own many ways.  She has a passion for fashion {tee hee} and for life that is not shared by many of my cousins.  Her heart is willing to be shared with those that are in pain and suffering around her.  And although it is very easy for the youth of this world to get caught up in themselves, Allie definitely broadens her world view.

For the past 2 years, while I lived near SNU, I enjoyed the company and close proximity to Tori, the daughter missing in the above picture.  Really, the only downside to moving to Philly for me was that I would no longer have access to family the way I did in OKC...and that I would not be able to be there for Allie's first year at SNU {which can be very dramatic...after all, I met my husband seven years ago on our move-in and orientation day}

I am very excited to see where God leads Allie through her time at SNU...and what the near future holds for Tori as she exists SNU...I love you two...and The Deb and Stan the Man...thank you so much for all of the love you have given me...and all the time you have invested in our relationship.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. Deb said she made a comment...but it "went away." She and Torie both appreciated what you said...they told me this morning when we were walking.

  2. YOU WERE WALKING WITH THEM...I am so jealous

  3. Yes, we went for a morning walk in East Texas, on a cool, beautiful, sunshiney day. It was great, but my feet were hurting in my new shoes:)