Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am an investment

Today, my cohort enjoyed hearing from Dr. Tony Campolo for the entire day...it was wonderful!  I finally got to meet him and told him all about all sorts of things...and he said that he loved me and gave me a hug...talk about family...I think I just met another grandfather :)

He ended the day by talking about Babylon...and how Revelation 18 is referring to any country in which one resides...and how all great countries fall...and how America is going to fall sooner than later.

Now you may be wondering, "what in THE WORLD does that have to do with love?"

Before he dismissed us he asked us a simple question..."What will you be doing when our Babylon falls?" Will we look back and see that everything we have is destroyed because we invested our lives in Babylon, or will we look up and see our treasures stores in heaven...in the Kingdom of God.

I know that I will be able to look at the Kingdom and have no fear...but I did not learn that this is what life is about on my own.  My parents taught me where to invest my time, talent and resources...in people.  The biggest way that they have shown this to me is through their investment in me.  Dr. Campolo also talked about, unless we were children of a farmer, we were only an economic liability to our parents...and this is SO true...but my parents still tell me all of the time that they are very proud of me and that I affirm their decision to invest in me...rather than in their house, or the stock market...or even a savings account.

{My parents paid for my education, will do anything to support me, have taken on the hubbs as a part of the family, and give big to everyone around them.  Thank you, Mom & Dad, for loving me so much that you put your needs after mine and that you have shared your dreams and love with my...and that you do the same for others.  Your investment in me has allowed me to invest in others.}

I love you,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. ...the best investment I've ever made...along with your sissy...love you, mom

  2. I heart Tony Campolo. That is all.

  3. i witness your parents investing in their world around them. they constantly make a difference in other people's lives. I know they have invested much in mine.