Sunday, August 1, 2010

A lovely weekend

I had a very busy, but wonderful weekend...

It started off with working really late for a {Friday}, but feeling so productive...and then playing water games with kids at our church's last night of VBS...I got to meet some parents of the children I spent so much time with during the was good...scratch that...God is good.

{Saturday}, I woke up early to go to my cousin Tori's apartment for a Texas breakfast...featuring Texas shaped waffles, orange juice and chocolate milk drank from a UT cup, and syrup from Jefferson, Texas...ohhh yes...and to top it all off, we wore Texas shirts...mine looking like this:
Good times, good was the perfect way to finish a memorable birthday month!  As we enjoyed the comedic stylings of Rift Tracks while watching Twighlight and New Moon, my bestie Sarah and I starting chopping up shirts from college for t-shirts quilts...we had so many of the same reminded me of how God has blessed me so much with Sarah's friendship...we have shared so much of our's good to have people that know where you come from.  We ended the night with hanging out with our dear friends Ben & Tabatha...and their son Logan...who gave me kisses...and it was awesome.

{Sunday}, our second to last Sunday at CCN, the hubbs got to baptize two of the girls in our teen group.  This was specially meaningful to us because we have seen these girls grow so much in their relationships with God...and it was awesome to see the hubbs pull out his newly ordained Rev. skills :)  I was proud, of all of them!  

{I also found out today that my grandfather reads my blog...and likes it :)  It always makes me happy to hear that people enjoy reading these posts...especially when it's Shout out to Pawpaw Pitts!  I love and miss you, always!  Feel free to comment whenever you like :)}

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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  1. I've been enjoying catching up on your blog while sitting at work ^.^
    It has made me thing of how God moves in my own life.
    miss you!!!