Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Ramonies

My crew from high school:
We have Kings (me),
and then V-Slims (Haley),
Lucky (April),
Pink Lady (Keri) and
Brownie (Tiffany)

I thought about them when I commented on a post by my cousin saying she needed a "man"...I thought about the "men" that were available when I was in high school...yeah right

In high school...girls need GREAT girl friends...and I didn't really have a group until my senior year...and we called ourselves The Ramonies...mocking a group of "popular" kids in our class that called themselves "The Maroney Gang" named after the park they met up at before they went partying (see below)
we are sooo gangsta
Since high school, we may have all been in the same place once...well...for sure April's wedding
After April, Tiffany and I got married...where there was always two more Ramonies awesome!  Now it's Haley's turn to walk down the aisle!

These girls, although our time together was short, showed me what it was to be loved for who I was, to enjoy life and to not let me lose myself in what my high school was ---- DRAMA.

As V-Slims said it best on our Facebook group page:

Hmm, what do I think of when I hear the word Ramonies??
I would have to say...
...I think of root beer and glass bottles.
I think of bubble gum and cigarettes ;)
I think of my old white blazer with the windows down.
I think of driving around acting cool.
I think of my little brother's Spiderman shirt I was wearing that fateful night.
I think of Maroney drive and being scared that real Maronies would show up.
I think of hanging out the windows with our cigs...but most of all....
I think of Pink Lady, Kings, Brownie, and Lucky.... :) Some of the classiest and coolest girls I know!
we were so cool

Much love to ya Ramonies,
Emily Elizabeth

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  1. Awww i miss MY group of high school friends.