Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I always feel like...

...somebody's watchin me...
I am a dork...I have never tried to deny this...but the hubbs allowed me to bask in my dorkie-ness once again today.

He is in charge of car insurance...and since we acquired the Batmobile...he decided that we would get full coverage on it, rather than just liability...so he shopped around...and we ended un with GEICO (hence the above)...but you see, I LOVE the GEICO Money Stack...those commercials make me so happy...and sometime I have to Google the song just to get it out of my head...

But what the hubbs surely does not realize is that I am happy he picked GEICO, because now I have a relationship with the Money Stack...and that is just one of those small things that makes me smile and feel loved.

That's right, hubbs, I feel loved that you chose GEICO...and who knew something so obscure would mean so much!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. your story should be in a commercial then!

  2. I think they only let people who can spell "Geico" correctly in their commercials :)

  3. you know...that's funny because when I was editing...I only had it spelled wrong once...and I guess I got distracted and respelled all the right ones...lame

    fixing now

  4. hahaha this post made me laugh