Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Rainbow

I saw not one, but TWO full rainbows yesterday!  I had forgotten how amazing they were...and to make it even better, I witnessed a little girl seeing one for the first time...she just kept saying, "it is soooo beautiful!"

Rainbows...used now to symbolize so many things...but the one that I could not take my mind off of while looking at the two was the promise that God gave Noah (Genesis 9:15-16).  How wonderful it would have been to Noah, to see God's love for him and mankind reflected in the sky with the beautiful colors of a rainbow...colors we see everyday, Noah probably had never seen all in one place except for after it rained.

God shows us He loves us in a way we will understand.  That is truly amazing, and that is what I feel when I look at a rainbow...God's love through the simple and perfectness of His earth.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. I really wanted to "like" this post and then I realized this isn't facebook, its blogspot. lol. Anyways, good post :)

  2. i'm always amazed by rainbows...who else could've thought of something so beautiful?!