Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I heart him

After being 6 hours apart for our Memorial Day weekend...the hubbs and I spent a wonderful evening just being close...and he even picked up the apartment a bit before I got home...making it even easier for me to relax. 

Thanks Hubbs...I love you more everyday!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

p.s. more pics to come from our 1 Year Anniversary photo shoot with Kaskas Designs!


  1. wow he must be pretty strong to have been able to pick up the whole apt all by himself. hahahah... i crack myself up...

  2. I Love You! Happy One Year Anniversary! This is Jon by the way!

  3. nice Martha...nice

    I lvoe you too

  4. Your pictures are amazing!!!! You beautiful people are so photogenic.
    hahaha I laughed at Tiffany's joke.