Monday, June 14, 2010

the love bucket

My cousin Tori and I have a long running tradition...I don't think we have practiced it in a while...but it is still ours

A love bucket is a bucket/basket/bag full of small presents that are specific to the receiver's favorites..for example...Tori LOVES orange tic-tacs, orange gum, cookie and cream Hershey bars...and anything with Buddha's doodle :)  So, for many a birthday, we have given each other these containers overflowing with things the other loves...and since we share the same birthday month...we go over the top for each other!
Love buckets made for Tori...purple one from me
(click to see larger)

There is nothing that speaks love to me more than a thought filled gift...especially when those thoughts are from my closest friends...and cousins :)

Thank you Tori for always thinking of me and making my birthday extra special!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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