Saturday, February 18, 2012

sew sweet (vol. 2)

I'm not very good at documenting the process of THE Quilt...but I am trying :)
Here are the fabrics I am starting with...I went to Hancock Fabrics with no idea what I was doing or how much fabric I needed to do it actually is coming along well, though, with what I got!

I made a board on Pinterest to get some other ideas and ended up buying this gray fabric as an accent color for "side B"
I think it really turned out well! I basically triangled 10 1/2 in. squares to form my quilt squares...and since it's King's 11 squares wide and 10 squares long.
One more side to go and I am happy I finally found the most obvious reverse stitch button on my sewing machine after I finished lease one side will be sure to not unravel :/

I'm still shopping around for one more navy and white print fabric for the star...let me know if you find anything cute out there :)

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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