Tuesday, January 17, 2012

oh, hey there

So it's been a while...first of all
I hope that this year is full of moments where you see clearly how much Our Lord and Savior adores you and how He uses you to share His love with others. 

Second of all, I want to share what this year brings for me. 2010 and 2011 brought challenges of their own that the hubbs and I didn't exactly know is we would rise above...but with God's provision and strength, we did some amazing things. In 2012, we look to Him to provide again...not only because we are in a new community ministering alongside a new church, but also because I have decided to take another challenge on...

Not buying any clothes for myself for 366 days (thanks, Leap Year)

This has been one of the things on my "Bucket List" forever...and after unpacking the massive amounts of clothes I had put into storage when we left for Rwanda, I feel that my mild panic attack was a pretty good sign that 2012 is THE year to make this dream come true.

I know it will be hard...I mean, shopping is my favorite hobby (I thought I would be cured of this by now), but I look forward to the personal growth and convictions this year will bring.

So stay tuned, Lovelies...it's going to be an interesting ride :)

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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  1. yo go girl! :) i gave up shopping for lent one year. it was tough, but good. you can do it! :)