Tuesday, December 6, 2011

music to get merry to

One of my coworkers at Azizi Life told me that my love for Christmas music is a sickness...well, maybe it is...but at least this sickness puts me in a joyful, loving and reflective mood :) 

Here are a few albums that I am "rocking around the Christmas tree" to these days (or maybe around the banana tree, since I am in Rwanda at the moment):
 Christmas just isn't Christmas in the King household without Amy Grant...and I uphold this tradition in the Newlin Wed household...
I can listen to Amy Grant's "Home for Christmas" and be transported to the car of my youth, sitting next to my sister with this CD (or cassette tape) blaring while our family travels down East Texas roads to celebrate Christmas with our grandparents, aunts, uncles and my awesome cousins.
I have enjoyed this FREE Christmas Collection from Sleeping at Last for two years now...click here to download 9 free songs that will lull you into the holiday spirit.
Tunes from Lady Antebellum's 2010 Christmas album drove me to class during grad school at Eastern University last year...maybe it was better because my drive actually included snow...but these 6 tracks are worth every penny

Dave Barnes' smooth voice and guitar make for the perfect Christmas date music...just in case you wanted to know...
and "Family Tree" will give you the needed soundtrack to cry over the fact that you are not with your family for Christmas (I won't be needing it this year :))...Click here to get it for $5 on Amazon

What music makes up your Christmas soundtrack? Any recommendations?

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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