Thursday, December 8, 2011

decorating for the holidays

We are sooooo looking forward to spending next Christmas in Arkansas...and decorating our home! It has been hard to not have a home to decorate this year...but don't worry...I've kept in the Christmas spirit by decorating my Pineterest!

What is your favorite Christmas decoration, and what is its significance?

Mine would be my nativity.  One of my favorite traditions growing up was hiding the baby Jesus of our family's ceramic nativity set and hunting for him (like the Wise Men, of course), and then getting to hide him when I found him. He would always mysteriously reappear in the manger on Christmas morning...gotta love when parents make things magical :)

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. This tradition was meant to be spiritual ... In that, like the magi, we contunually searched for the savior...i'm still looking for him throughout my days...i have seen him in
    Azizi Life... I've seen him in you ,

  2. oh, I know Mom...when I think about that tradition...when I was little, I thought it was mysterious how He always ended up in the is that not spiritual? How does God always show up where we need Him? I think Christmas has much to do with learning how to believe in the unseen...