Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eat your heart out, Vera Bradley

I went with Christi and a new friend, Alexandria, to a women's sewing cooperative in Kigali last weekend. Amahoro (meaning peace) is simply a place where women come to pedal away on their sewing machines, share life and make beautiful bags, laptop cases, wallets, aprons, quilts, children's toys, among other things.
Here I am showing off my new bag with its creator, Rose Mary...I love it. Inside is a different African fabric in coordinating colors. I wanted a bag much like this from Vera Bradley...but this "little" weekend bag is much more of a treasure when bought from Amahoro.

Amahoro is a child of a bigger organization in Kenya, that you can check out here. At this time, there is no place you can order Amahoro creations other than their workshop.

I will probably regret advertising this...but it was about $30 USD to purchase this bag...so I would be willing to take orders if there are those of you who are absolutely in love with the idea of having one of your own...I would up the price to $40 to cover my costs...so comment with your email if you are interested, and we'll talk :) There are also many other bag sizes, designs, and prints...so keep that in mind.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. Looks like it'd make a perfect diaper bag! You need to save it for your mommy days!

  2. oh i just love this bag! Are you still accepting orders?