Thursday, October 20, 2011

batik: igice cya kane*

Step 4: {Boiling the wax off of our fabric}

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April was not with us...and, sadly, I didn't get to finish my fabric on my own...but is the last part of the batik process, nevertheless...
 Francois pours boiling water into a bucket with our fabric...
 We made sure the fabric was fully saturated and then moved it immediately over to cold water...
which, with a little help,...
made the wax come off of the fabric.
 Rinse and repeat.
 Then hang to dry!
 Or not dry...due to rain storms...
Here is April's wonderful tree and vine design...or octopus design...:)
Once dried, Christi ironed her fabric (removing any extra wax and making it nice and crisp)
And viola! Beautiful, personalized batik!

There really is one more step...the one where we take our fabric to a seamstress to get it made into something...but you will just have to wait a little longer for that...I am thinking a table cloth and dress out of mine...awesome, I know.

Although our fabrics are awesome, I think we would all say that the best part of the batik process was spending so much time together. I am very grateful for Christi + April...and the fact that I have some pretty awesome girlfriends while I am in Rwanda. Thanks knew what I needed even before I did :)

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

*Batik: Part 4

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  1. Batik was so fun! I'm thankful for you too. <3
    - christi