Wednesday, October 19, 2011

batik part tres

Step 3. {Dyeing Our Fabric}

(miss Step 2? click here!)

 Francois adding the perfect amount of red, yellow and blue powder to create the perfect shade of "burnt orange" for yours truly.
 Representing Eastern in my hot rubber gloves.
April representing Aussieland in hers :)
 Working the dye into my cloth...and it's weird...but the color always began as purple...
 April's fabric will be green...I promise
Christie will actually have purple no surprise there :)
 My finished product wet and crumpled in a tub...waiting to be hung to dry
Christi posing next to her pride and joy...can you see the detail this lady achieved...she is going to let me have a little bit to accent my burnt orange :)

Now that we've got our fabric's time to remove the wax to reveal white designs...check back for Step 4!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. Seriously, you are so going to miss all these experiences! I think you were meant for these times! You look awesome by the way. But I didn't see you burning your feet????

  2. it happened...and that is what is important :)