Friday, September 30, 2011

dancing monkey bear

One of things I enjoy most about working with Azizi Life is product design. Watching a sketch come to life into exactly what you imagined is a magical experience. However, just doesn't work our so great the first time, and you have to go through several cycles of communication with the artisans...

...for example:

This is what we gave the artisans to provide the general idea of what kind of wooden monkey toy we would like:
And this is what we got...
We are rather fond of dancing monkey bear, even though he is not exactly what we were looking for.

We have discovered that not only can he break dance, 
...but he can also ride an elephant like a cowboy.
So here's to monkey bear and all the samples that go awry, yet leave our hearts warm and happy.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

P.S.  monkey bear is also very he is with his friends, eye-less giraffe and flat face lion


  1. I want that monkey bear. Can I buy him?

  2. I am sorry, Auntie Crystal...I think monkey bear will be Azizi Life's mascot...I am contemplating crocheting in a sweater....