Sunday, September 4, 2011

couple pintresting

The hubbs and I spent a good hour this afternoon "pintresting" I said on my post on The Newlin is more fun to find little, silly things exciting if you are with someone who finds the same thing just as it was great fun for both of us...we even picked pintresting over watching a movie together. I love that the hubbs and I find most of the same things equally as funny.

Here are some of the goodies we found:

1.} I really hope this will be found in our home in Arkansas if you ever come to visit...
2.} I inherited a taxidermic deer head recently...and let's just say I was a little intimidated about displaying it in our home (even though Arkansas is the prime place to have a deer head) until I saw item number 4 below...hello crochet buck head
3.} Button pins are generally pretty useless unless you have a backpack you want to decorate...but alas, you can use them to decorate your home!
4.} For my sister (since this is her birthday month...although, I don't know where to buy it)
5.} To put on file for my sister's 30th birthday...number pinata how-to
6.} Cute crayons for small gifts...and I even have a Texas state shape ice cube tray that would make for some very cute Texas Party favors :) Perhaps I could also make a Texas pinata with the above how-to
Did you get overly excited or a smile out of any of the above? If, so...let me know. And if you have more to share, let me know! 

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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