Sunday, June 26, 2011

catching my breath

This weekend has been interesting. I have probably spent more time with my cohort in these past couple of days than I have over the entire year. And it's been wonderful. I wish the hubbs were here to enjoy, but he is where he has longed to home in Arkansas with his family and our new niece, Shiloh Rae
Here is Shiloh Rae, all bundled up at 1 day old
I am in PA until Tuesday, when I fly into Houston for my beautiful cousin's, Tori, wedding! I am so excited to get that party started!!!

As I reflect on my time with other Eastern Grad students this past year, I really feel like we were at church camp...or training for something bigger. I mean, that is what we were doing...but, it feels like it was so temporary and our departure is natural. I just hope I keep in touch with my new friends better than I did with my camp friends!

So, here's to you Eastern International Development grads...let's go change the world!
Much love,
Emily Elizabeth