Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{tori + thomas}

I got into Houston last Tuesday and spent until Thursday spending time with family, enjoying a surprise visit from Anna, Stu + my BFFB, helping Tori + Debi (my cousin + auntie) get ready for the wedding, and throwing the craziest bachelorette party I have ever hosted or been to. Here are some highlights in pics:
I will post about the details involved in the bachelorette party later...I think I had some ideas you guys may want to try yourselves!

And then came the wedding.Tori was the most beautiful/model-esque/princess looking/movie star bride I have ever seen...
The wedding, I think, was more royal than the Royal Wedding...when Tori came down the aisle, I felt like I was witnessing a truly sacred ritual...she beamed with happiness in a way that made her look more beautiful than ever.

Tori + Thomas, I cannot wait to visit you guys in OKC in a week or so!  I hope the hubbs and I can always be a place for you two to turn for advice, laughter, venting and comfort. We love you so much. WOO HOO NEWLY WEDS!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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