Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Birthday , Pops!

{Today my father is, that is really close to 60}

My father, along with my mother, has given everything I need to be successful in life.  I think with my dad, the fact that I know he will drop everything for me has provided the security I needed to find myself.  In that respect, I think this is why I can trust God so easily.  My earthly father has never let me down or left me stranded...therefore, it doesn't take much to imagine my Heavenly Father would do the same.

I remember, every time I hit the scan button on my radio, when I had my appendix removed during my Sophomore year of college.  I went to the emergency room, and at 3am they decided they would operate the next morning at 9.  I called my parents, and my dad hopped into his car and started driving.  He said the thing that helped him stay awake was letting the radio stations scan for the entire 6 hour drive.  He made it just in time to see me off to surgery.

That is just one of the many ways he has gone out of his way to take care of me. And he still takes care of me when I need him, even though I have the hubbs, sometimes you just need your dad.


Jon and I love you SO much and wish we were there to celebrate with you! We can't wait to spend some summer time with Mom and you!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. Happy birthday, Dad-doo! We're so blessed to have such a wonderful father.

    I really like your tribute, Em :)

  2. Haaaaaappy Birthdaaay Uncle! I love and miss you so much!

    Good job Emily(:


  3. Happy Birthday, Uncle Loyd. I hope its great! Love you!

  4. Happy Birthday, Uncle Lloyd! We all love you!

    Beautiful Emily