Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the hobnob hat

{true style can be taken to the city or the wilderness}

A version of this hat was the first thing crochet I ever owned. My dear soul sister, Justina, made me one for Christmas when we were living in Chicago, and I loved (still do love) it because it wouldn't mess up my hair whenever I wore it (you curly hair people know what I am talking about).  So when I was ready to up my game in the realm of crochet skills, I called her up for the pattern.  Justina was the first to really introduce me to the idea of crochet...and I love her dearly.
This hat looks great in any color.  Darker colors mute the detail, while bright colors (as shown) accentuate the popcorn and row details.

Commission me to whip you one up for only $20 plus shipping, and let the complements flow :)  Click here to email me if you are interested!

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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