Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

So I'm a little late in the day for my first Lent post...but that's alright...we've got an entire 40 days ahead of us.

I've always had the impression that you were suppose to keep what you are fasting a secret....or between you and avoid bragging and that whole praying out loud for attention thing...but I feel like to build community, we need to share what we are giving up to support each other.  That is all I mean to do by blogging about give you a chance to support me and allow me to support you.

I joined the mailing list for World Visions ACT:S Lent 2011:Relentless Acts of Justice, a daily Lent reflection on injustice throughout the season.  Today's Ash Wednesday reflection was a beautiful Franciscan blessing...with a desktop background as a takeaway {shown to enlarge and make your desktop background, too!}
This series of reflections focuses on the tension between our life of luxury compared to the dire need of basic necessities in most of the world.  I am giving up shopping for myself for the next 40 fitting to give up what I see as the most luxurious part of my life.  I pray that God would show me other places in my life where I am vain, sinfully consuming and ungrateful, and also where I shine with grace and His love.

Won't you join me on this Lenten explore our role in this world and the fight against injustice.  Sign up for these emails by clicking here.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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