Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OK Love

I will be in Oklahoma City in two weeks. I never really thought I would be so excited to go back to Oklahoma...but that's before I thought about all the people I would get to see. 
So in the spirit of anticipation, here is my Oklahoma To Do List:
  • Hug + kiss my beautiful cousins, Tori + Allie (and maybe even my soon to be cousin-in-law, Thomas)
  • Sonic, Sonic and Sonic
  • Visit my HeartLine Family
  • Meet Evan Nutter
  • Bachelorette party it up with Garrisinni + friends
  • See my Amy + Ruben marry
  • Morning coffee + cupcakes with Kasa + Shayla
  • Shop at Daisy Exchange
  • Spend the night with Tyler + Roxie...well, not with them...but at their house
  • Drop off my ring at B.C. Clark
  • Watch the Royal Wedding with Sarah
  • Hair cut at Allure Salon in MWC
  • Go to church at CCN
  • Be tackled + tackle my CCN girls
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Sunday afternoon games with Ben + Tabatha...and their two bebes
  • Miss the hubbs the entire time
*And any extra time will be filled with quality Tori, Allie, Sarah and Kasa time.

Sounds pretty great, right? This will be my first official trip away from Philly since we've moved here...if you don't count our trips to NYC and NJ...which I don't

I'm sooooo excited...there will be lots of love in Oklahoma the last week of April :)

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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  1. ohhhh and I have to add:

    -Trip to Penn Square Mall...while forcing Kelly Nutter to go with me :)