Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It is interesting that when I put "I Hate Rap." as my Facebook status, my wall comes alive like I just said I was having a baby.  Out of all of friends' comments...came love:

I have a big cousin, who once was a king
Running and glasses were her sorta thing
She then left to college, it was very sad
I should have taken advantage of the time that I had
And now she is gone to the city of Philly
And I miss her lots, yeah... really.

Crack me up...this was written by my cousin, Nick...God love him...he is very special to me...when I babysat him (during his dinosaur loving days) we would dance to the Newsboys...I mean...how many boy cousins do that???  I have enjoyed watching him grow up...gain a sense of humor...and come to me for advice...I just can't really explain how much it means to me when he says he misses me.

I miss you too, Nick...thanks for being so cool :)...I love you...and so does the hubbs :)

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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  1. I miss playing Nick in basketball...and beating him.