Saturday, March 20, 2010

mamachee inspired

I've wanted to learn to crochet for a year, and it wasn't until I discovered this infinity scarf pattern on that I got inspired.  I

 had talked and talked about wanting to learn to our Sr. Pastor's wife, only took one look at the pattern and a Wednesday night to seal our fate of being crocheting teacher and student...and now partners.  Janell has poured hours and hours into helping me learn to crochet, and not just learn...but do the projects I want to do...yes, I may be a quick learner...but without all the one-on-one time she has invested in me...I would still be trying to learn how to chain...:)

Thanks have secured a lifelong hobby and deepened our friendship...thank you for your time and patience

Over 1,000 yards of yarn and four months later, I am a crocheting machine (ask the hubbs).  There is nothing better than vegging on the couch and working on something mindlessly...only to have an amazing gift or accessory to wear the next day.

My newest project:
Amigurumi: the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures.

Many more projects to come

Much Love,
Emily Elizabeth

visit to check out this scarf patern

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  1. rocks!!! I've bought really cool vintage jewelry from there. I can't believe you made that scarf! I love it! Over sized scarfs are the best! My birthday's coming up...hint hint! ^.^
    oh and I just googled amigurumi...theyre so cute!! what have you made?!