Thursday, March 4, 2010

"love never fails"

This verse in 1 Corinthians 13 has been my motto for about 3 years now...I have lived this out in various ways, but I would say the best have been through relationships with my husband, family, close friends and a year spent in Chicago.

As I continue to reflect on what "love" is, I realize how I receive love the best and give it...but does that make it "love"? I believe that the only love that exists is the love of God...everything else we give the title to really is just a poor attempt to be real love.

The world cannot exist without this perfect love from God, and neither can a relationship endure without it. So this blog, I hope, will be a reflection on how I experience love...God's and human...but more importantly, God's through people.

My desire is to say lovely...through every word, action and thought I have for others...and this is my journey.

Much love-
Emily Elizabeth


  1. Ok so...I've been wanting to follow your blog since like ever since I found out you had one!!! (i think your mom mentioned it at Java a long time ago) and I guess I think of blogs like tv series...gotta start them from the I am :0) FINALLY!!

  2. well, welcome Jazi!

    I've had fun reading all of your are such a thoughtful and sweet person...I'm so glad you are still going to JJs with my are so precious to our family!