Sunday, August 14, 2011

sending love from Rwanda

Hello my lovelies!

The hubbs and I have started to settle in at our new home in Gitamara, Rwanda.
Isn't it beautiful? We have a room with a double bed, wardrobe and couch that has its own entrance and porch. The first night we slept here, it rained and the noise was so comforting and soothing...just what we needed to relax from the crazy trip that brought us here.

Since I am taking a hiatus from crochet for the next four months, I want to introduce you to my classmate Jocelyn.
She is working with Krochet Kids, a non-profit working in Uganda to provide jobs to women through crochet. They currently make things like hats and scarves...and even sell their products through Neiman Marcus! Cool, yah?

So here is her blog if you would like to keep up with her time in Uganda...
And here is Krochet Kids site, as well.

I start my official work with Azizi Life on stay tuned for pictures of beautiful people and products that I will become more familiar with.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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