Monday, August 29, 2011

banana leaf twine

one would not think that this much twine would take over an hour to learn how to do...I mean, it looked simple, really
But alas, it was teacher insisted that my fingers be exactly like hers...and that I use the exact technique she used...and, well, my brain was just not catching on as fast as she would have liked :) But she was very very proud of me when I finally caught on!

Then, to show her that I wasn't totally mentally inept when it came to handicrafts, I showed her my mad crochet skillz...
She snatched my hook and yarn from my hands and started crocheting the exact pattern I was doing...I wonder now, after the fact, if she was showing me what a fast learner she was...or maybe what a wonderful teacher, I was! :)

It was actually very fun and I hope I will get to send my teacher a crocheted washcloth the next time Azizi Life visits...because, you know, presents are the best.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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