Friday, May 18, 2012

be kind

Incidents happen all the time where we have the choice to be kind and thoughtful or harsh and a meanie head...I hate when others choose the latter...and I am ashamed when I choose to be a meanie head, too...but a simple kind word after you have been a meanie head is appreciated, even if you are never told that it was.

Just a thought.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth

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  1. Hi Emily, this is Esther from years ago. I found your blog through Abigail's and loved this post. So true! I am discovering, through being in charge of sixty-odd summer staff, that it is constantly easier to be a "meanie head" than to be kind. Many times (I wish all the time) after being a "meanie head" to a member of my staff, I return to them with an apology and a kind word, but it's so easy to berate myself for the mean-ness and forget how much the kindness really does count. Thanks for just the encouragement I needed.