Sunday, February 6, 2011

ramblings of a shopaholic

{NOTE:  Not a usual Say "lovely" post...but this is a place to share about what love looks like, and in my marriage...choosing not to shop is out of love for my's the little things, right?"

Ever since I knew what fashion was, I read InStyle magazine (the one mag my father, a mailman, hates to deliver).  Nevertheless, this magazine was present in our home all of my teenage years, and in my dorm room during college.  When I went to Chicago, I didn't really have the money to buy InStyle every month, or enough heart to look at all the pretty things that I wouldn't even be able to afford cheap replicas I gave it up, and never bought another issue since...

But the passion for fashion still thrives.

I look into my heart and search for the reasons clothing has brought me so much pleasure in my life...I could say that it is a form of self-expression (if you have seen the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, I am the cheap version of the main character :)), but everyone knows that is what I use my mouth for...I had always asked God what this passion was for...and I think I have an answer (so be shared later)...but it does not give me the right to spend so much time and money on what I wear.  I will always love consignment and thrift shops, the hunt of a good deal will always be a hobby to me...but I must become less, and He must become greater.

Oh God, may I reflect Your love through my daily choices.  Help me to love and honor my hubbs through my conscious choice not to shop and help me to rejoice of the small victories of a dollar saved here and there.  Let me learn how to love through my purchases...beyond self-love.

Much love,
Emily Elizabeth


  1. Miss Em,
    I think your last sentence says it all...doing things out of a love other than self-love...that's the way Jesus did it.

    I'm proud of you, Baby-Girl,

  2. I love this! It sounds like you have a pretty healthy relationship with shopping, but I like how conscious you are of anything taking too much from Him.

  3. Em!!
    This is crazy how I was just thinking about this in my own life! My passion for fashion and how I love new finds...but, yet I've become convicted about how I spend so much money on it and how I've been given a lot so I can give more..not keep more for myself (and for me this is buying clothes) So I would love to continue to hear about this journey for you and maybe we can hold each other accountable!! :)